Who & why?

So, first, who am I?
I am a licensed and skilled system and network administrator for almost 20 years now in a huge company in Holland. The last 10 years I have spent my time on privacy and security issues of my users. I always think in benefit of the user instead of “the system”. I stand for total privacy on the internet and I am always learning from new things to improve my services to my clients. Always thinking one step ahead instead of hanging around to something I already trust.
Also I am a licensed private investigator with as core business digital investigation like alimony cases, cheating partners and fraudulent claimants. I do this for almost 3 years now with some pretty good results.

Why BadAss.Sx?
BadAss.Sx is a figment of mine already for almost 10 years now. I’ve seen what the Internet does to someone’s identity. In the 17 years I have been around the internet I have seen stuff which are solely made for one thing. And that is violating someone’s privacy and identity. Personally I think people on the internet need someone who they can trust which has a background on legal rights and privacy/security matters. That is why I came up with BadAss.Sx. BadAss.Sx will be a small company which his core business is your privacy and security on the internet. The name BadAss.Sx is simple. Since PRISM has been revealed by Snowden, authorities claim that you are a badass on the internet when you try to hide your identity. And because privacy is a right which the Constitution provides, I stand up as one badass to help others to be a badass.

So my identity is safe with you, huh?
Yes! But there is a small “but” in this story. I am not prepared to fight for someones rights which is somehow related to childporn or terrorist activities. Do not ask me how I will recognise you, you know who you are and at the end I will recognise you. So you also DO know that I will cooperate with legal authorities to reveal your identity when they provide me enough proof. So be wise and smart when you choose one of my services. Abusing children and killing people for the love of your god is just plain sick and has nothing to do with privacy.

Why should I take BadAss.Sx instead of all the others?
Plain simple…when you care about your privacy on the internet. BadAss.Sx never reveals your identity to local authorities, because I simply don’t have your identity. All I need is a name and an email address to send you the bills and all the payments will be handled by Bitcoins. Secrecy is my middle name and is alway the main thread when I offer my services.

What kind of services do you provide?
You name it. I offer anonymous domain registration, anonymous hosting, designing, anonymous payments structure, VPN services and advice about how to hide your identity. More services (prepaid credit cards for instance) will come eventually, but for now these are my main core services. If you have an idea and want to talk with someone how to exploit it on the internet, you are safe with me. As said before, secrecy is my middle name.

Give me a reason why I should trust you.
Well, you shouldn’t. Why trust me when you don’t even know me? Personally I think the way I provide my services to my customers will eventually give the client the beloved trust in me. All I can do is work hard.

What info do you need from me when I order a service from you?
Well….to be honest, just your name and email address. Nothing more or less.