BadAss.Sx Disclaimer

Yes, I also have a BadAss.Sx disclaimer. For the simple fact I have to announce something about BadAss.Sx.

First, I speak Englutch. That means sometimes my language is mixed with English and Dutch statements. I don’t care honestly when people are shouting that I have to learn my languages. The only thing I want to learn is ultimate privacy and security for my customers. So, hereby I will give you, for one time, my apologies about my bad grammar. I know that it is not nice for not knowing my languages, but English is not my main language.

Second, I do not answer any mail which is NOT related to BadAss.Sx. That includes mails about my grammar.

Third, I do not respond to any claim from authorities outside my country. If i receive a claim from a judge from my own country, the only thing i can do is give him/her the information i know. And that’s zero.