TrueCrypt for Yosemite solution by BadAss.Sx

BadAss.Sx gives you the solution to run TrueCrypt for Yosemite.

As we all know, TrueCrypt has stopped their support and has been taken down, so far. Reason why they stopped? They were forced, as far as I know, by the FISA court, because it was way to good. Personally, I find it very strange that they stopped, because nobody knew who they were.

Their latest version (for MAC OS X) is 7.2 which can be downloaded from here. But this one does not support Yosemite which is of course a little annoying. So it is good you have found this page, because I know a solution for this.

The best way to do this is to extract TrueCrypt 7.2.mpkg from TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X.dmg and then run the following command in your terminal:

sed -i ” ‘s///’ ‘TrueCrypt 7.2.mpkg/Contents/distribution.dist’

This will startup the installation file without a check if it will fit on Yosemite.

There is also a way to “compile” your own DMG for your Yosemite.

hdiutil convert ‘TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X.dmg’ -format UDRW -o ‘TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X writable.dmg’
hdiutil attach ‘TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X writable.dmg’
sed -i ” ‘s///’ ‘/Volumes/TrueCrypt 7.2/TrueCrypt 7.2.mpkg/Contents/distribution.dist’
hdiutil detach ‘/Volumes/TrueCrypt 7.2’
hdiutil convert ‘TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X writable.dmg’ -format UDBZ -o ‘TrueCrypt 7.2 Mac OS X Yosemite.dmg’

Be sure that everything which is not made bold complies with the name of the installation file you have.

Of course this is a great way to mount your old TrueCrypt containers again, but please understand that TrueCrypt does not has give support anymore. Also you need to consider the fact that TrueCrypt could have been compromised by local authorities already. Because old software contains old bugs which could have been used to decrypt TrueCrypt containers.

You could check VeraCrypt, which is based on TrueCrypt. But for me it needs an audit first before I consider it as safe. Also Linux has a build in encryption subsystem called Dm-Crypt. Always wise to get involved in this one.

But for now you can still use your old TC containers on Yosemite.