How to pay with Bitcoin

Paying with Bitcoin is extremely easy, but it can be a problem for the one who never did it. First of all, learn how to pay with Bitcoin, because it is going to be big in the future. Bitcoin gives you, if you do it right though, full anonymity.

If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet yet, then I give you here the instructions how to get a wallet.

  1. Go to Blockchain and start a new wallet
  2. Fill in your email address, passwords and captcha and push continue
  3. Write down the given Wallet Recovery Mnemonic. This is very important for when you lost your password
  4. Press continue
  5. Go to your mailbox and verify the mail you have got from them
  6. You will receive a second mail with your Wallet Identifier something like 6d0d6527-xxxx-490e-xxxx-b4a36bf62289
  7. Go back to Blockchain and push on Login Now
  8. Fill in your Wallet identifier and your password and you have your own Blockchain wallet.
  9. When you are logged in you will see your Wallet string. Something like this: 172zbuBVw7b8ppsHS2CX5iLznHYZeVKT6g
  10. Now it is time to fill your wallet with Bitcoins

How to add Bitcoins to your newly made wallet?

There are several exchangers online who are selling and buying Bitcoins. First thing you need to remember is, when you buy Bitcoins on one of those websites. you always give your wallet string which you have created at Blockchain to receive your Bitcoins.

Here are some exchangers where you can buy Bitcoins