Bulletproof VPS policy

Bulletproof VPS policy

BadAss.Sx offers bulletproof VPS and hosting to our worldwide customers. They are bulletproof and give their owners a place to shout out their opinion, but that doesn’t mean they can do everything with our VPS service.

BadAss.Sx fights for the freedom of rights for everyone and that is why BadAss Bulletproof Hosting & VPS is build for. That is why our service also has a policy which customers needs to accept before they take our service.

  • Every VPS has his own IP. The owner of the VPS is FULLY responsible for it. If IP get null routed cause of illegal activities, then NO refund.
  • Every VPS has 30GB of harddisk space. We do not deliver more on request.
  • Every VPS has 2GB of RAM. We do not deliver more on request.
  • Every VPS will be hired for 1 year. We do not extend it on request in the same year.
  • Every VPS has the right of freedom of speech even when it is illegal in their own country.
  • Every VPS is unmanaged by BadAss.Sx. BadAss.Sx takes NO responsibility of the activities run by the administrator.

Legal issues:

1. Do you hand over payment information to requesting authorities?

No. There is no account data in the database other than the transaction ID used by the payment processors. We receive emails from payment processors which are stored on a separate system inside an encrypted partition. These need to be kept for a bit over 6 months to deal with user issues, e.g. complaints and questions. Otherwise servicing user requests would be impossible.

2. What information does the user database actually contain?

The user database only contains the information you entered during the sign-up process. This is your user name, password and your email address.

3. What kind of logging do you do to keep your service running?

We need to keep connection logs for debugging purposes, which happens encrypted and off-site. Connection logs contain information for debugging VPS client issues, e.g. connection drops, firewall issues.

There are no traffic logs, BadAss.Sx does not look into your traffic.

4. Which criteria need to be met to terminate a VPS account?

Mr. BadAss.Sx enters the scene. Normally, he only terminates accounts that were created through scamming. From time to time there are some accounts that create problems for the rest of our users. Mr. BadAss.Sx also cares for them.

If there is valid email address in the database, Mr. BadAss.Sx tries to notify the troublemaker. If the user emerges as a repeated offender, his account will be terminated.

Mr. BadAss.Sx does not care how much bandwidth each user consumes although the criteria we use is a FUP, as long as it is used for a valid application in the interest of society and does not violate basic human rights. Child porn or spreading of right-wing demagogic materials come to mind. SYN floods, phishing, terrorist activities, spamruns and similar are also disliked.

In case of real up to date legal issues, BadAss.Sx cannot prevent that VPS IP’s gets null routed by uplink providers. VPS holders are fully responsible for their IP and the results what their VPS can cause with their actions.

5. What happens to user data when your machines get raided?

We are not breaking the law by running BadAss.Sx Bulletproof VPS hosting and we clearly state that we operate within the boundaries of the Dutch legal system.

If the police still decides to raid us for whatever reason your data is safe as in encrypted.

6. Do you make daily backups?

No! We do not take backups of the VPS nodes. You have to take care for your own backup. This has everything to do with privacy issues.

7. Do you offer a refund when there is a legal issue?

BadAss.Sx offers NO refund in case of legal issues against the policy of Bulletproof VPS hosting. There is NO exception about this.

8. Where to send abuse complaints?

If you want to send in an abuse complaint write to abuse@badass.sx