BadAss.Sx VPN – take back the control


BadAss.Sx offers you an unique service which has not been seen before worldwide and only available here at BadAss.Sx. The BadAss.Sx VPN service. The one and only service of where you can take back the control over your own log files.

There are companies which offers a VPN service and they all come with the same tactics…like no logging. But do you really trust them on their blue eyes that they do what they promise you? I don’t. Why? Because I can’t see the backend of the server.

So, BadAss.Sx created BadAss.Sx VPN. A VPN service where you can see the backend of your server with your own eyes. You have the control of your own log files. Route them to /dev/null or throw them away whenever you want, but one thing is certain. Nothing will get logged as long you take control of your own service.

There are a few rules however:

– You are the boss of your own log files. But if you abuse your system (that means: childporn, phishing, terrorism or equivalent) the service gets locked. No refund! 
– Payments are in front annually and in Bitcoin.
– No reselling.
– Fair Use Policy.
– Takes a day to process your order.

You get:

– Your own IP
– Access to your own log files
– NO bandwidth limit, but i do use a fair use policy. Don’t worry, you wil get enough Wink
– No registration needed. Just contact me trough PM
– BadAss support


– Some knowledge about Linux, log files

Unlike other i use a reward policy. The second year will be 90EUR, third year 80EUR and fourth year 70EUR. After that it remains 70EUR per year, but not after you get the fifth year for free.

Take back the control…..get the BadAss.Sx VPN.