BadAss.Sx FAQ

BadAss.Sx FAQ

Every now and then I receive questions in my (secured) mailbox about my secured services I provide here on BadAss.Sx. While I like to chat with my clients I need to place some standard answers here so everyone can read them. It gives people more insight knowledge of my work and what I expect from my client. Those are real questions received in my inbox, but of course all information not related are removed.

Why are you doing all this?
I would say that I want to share my skills and knowledge with others which do not have any idea how to protect their privacy. It is one of my highest priorities to tell everyone that you have the duty, but also the right to stand up for your own privacy. BadAss will be the one who points you to the right direction.

Are you mad?? 2500EUR for an anonymous website?? Going for a quick buck huh?
One of my most beloved questions I got lately. Yes, it is a lot of money, I agree about that one. But it is worth all of his Euro’s for certain. Before I settled this all up I have researched this problem for years. How the hell can you build a e-commerce website totally anonymous? After years of creating a group full of privacy addicts and with the right connections to services I can securely say at this point that I can build a FQDN, hosting and payment structure FULLY anonymous. What do you get?

  • A fully anonymous created domain with privacy WHOIS for 3 years.
  • A fully anonymous created hosting for 3 years in one of those countries where the products of my clients are legal.
  • A fully anonymous created payment structure.
  • A fully anonymous created email account for 3 years of the fully anonymous created domain with PGP support.
  • A fully anonymous created VPN account from BadAss.Sx. Privacy assured.
  • Web design of your E-commerce webshop.
  • After delivery 24/7 secured support.
  • Complete report of all your login information for your domain, hosting, email etc. etc.

This is all fully anonymous. The only thing BadAss.Sx needs from you is your name, email address and your Bitcoin payment. As you can see, totally anonymous. No bullshit. User needs to upload their own products into the webshop. That is one thing I am not responsible for.

How about secured email account? When can this be active and what do I get?
If you have access to you own DNS settings of your domain then this can be active within a day. But to be sure I say 2 days because of the DNS settings needs to be replicated with the DNS root servers. You get a fully secured mailbox which protects itself with passwords and keys. You also get 2 USB modules which you can configure with your own USB stick. When activated your mailbox is only accessible with your USB stick.

What do you do when the authorities stands in your living room with a warrant?
If it’s a real warrant i give what i have, simple. But I cannot give them what i don’t have.

So that means that when they take your server, you simply let them do it?
Yup, that is basically the whole story. I don’t care about the server though. I care what’s on the disks and how it is possible that they could grab it in the first place. So, i use my knowledge and skills (and the law) to prevent that userdata can be captured. That means, the less i know from my customers, the better. All conversations will be secured and encryptedΒ  from my side.

Are you not afraid that bad boys are going to abuse your services for their own needs?
Well, all of my services are for everyone’s need. And every person on this world has the right for being totally anonymous on the internet. The real bad boys are not focused at my services after all. But in a different country, sometimes you are a bad boy when you kiss another man, or you get shot point blank when you first got raped by 5 men. And my services are mainly pointed and designed for them instead of the real bad boys.

But what if the bad boys use your services after all?
Simple, if it has something to do with child porn or terrorism, i will do everything in my power to reveal their identity to the local authorities. Don’t get me wrong, privacy IS a huge issue for me, but when you abuse children or bomb people for the love of your god, you are just plain sick in your head. I don’t want that kind of customers in my administration.