Be secure on the internet

Yes, the almighty internet. The place to be and for most of us, the place to stay…forever. What are we without the internet lately? Almost everything is connected in your private life with the internet. But when it all began, more then 15 years ago, it was fun and mostly stunning to see how easy it was to talk with each other. Who is remembering the first time you got connected to a multiplayer game? I do…it was with the first Unreal game in 1998. I was screaming to my mate that i saw him running over the balcony. I never saw something like that. It was really a shock and aw adventure back in those days. Fragging someones ass was the only thing I really cared atm.

Now many years ahead I care about a lot of things. Like the creepy world we are living in now and how the world would be when my kids are growing at the age like I am now. There are so many things you have to take notice from, like terrorists attacks, the uprising criminality, badly mooded people which only needs a small push to get paranoid. Sometimes is the internet a good place to dream away when searching for nice things. Like vacation, a new lover or just surfing away the night.

That, my fellow BadAsses, is just fading away since a few years. When some fuckups brewed a plan to smash some plains into some huge buildings in the USA. I am not going to discuss about the fact that it all came to the right place at it seems the right moment for some governments. I mean, look what that day brought us and to the rest of the world since then. Terror, fear and the constant need for information from others. With that in mind you can safely say that the internet is not safe anymore. Every little patch is being monitored in a good or bad way. Every single bit has been examined for the need of information they do not know about…yet.

With the latest news of PRISM and all those other stuff, it is time to get up right into your chair and be active defending your rights. Rights which many people died for in many wars. Rights which many people gives them an identity they deserve. Rights for being a respected human in every country. But unfortunately those rights are bleeding into a slowly death.Β  And why? Just because there are some people on this planet who think they own the planet. They only work for a few things…money and themselves. They don’t care about you or me. They care about there own private life. Those are the ones who actively shout on the TV that rights needs to be respected, but at the same time they put their signature under some documents which violates the human rights far beyond descend humanity.

It is terrifying to know in what kind of world my kids will grow up. I will be honest from this place…if I knew all this shit in the first place I never fucked my wife without a condom….period. What I had in my childhood will never be available again for my kids. Ok, they do not know better, that’s true, but the world has made a significant change since 25-30 years. It became harder, bloodier and sneakier.Β  And with the connection of the internet with all kind of products, we need to learn our kids how to be safe…not only on the street, but also in our virtual world called the internet. Because the internet made the world a fucked up place.

Yes, I know…it sounds a little drastic all that shit I typed above. But when you analyze my story, you know I’m right. Like I said…the internet really started for most people in the period when Unreal came out. Somewhere between 1995 and 1998 the internet became more spread into the normal houses. And like the whole Bitcoin story, the governments are always a few years back in time with their restrictions. So that is why I said that it all was a perfect timing when terrorists blew up some fancy buildings. I don’t say they managed the attacks themselves, but it gave them finally the legitimate reason to spy on everyone and all in the name of terror and eventually also child porn. And like they shout that they have to do it for everyone’s sake and security, we all see now that they are completely going nuts in their monitoring hunger. They even spied on the UN when they had a meeting. They cracked the security of their conversations and spied on them every single minute they talked. I understand when they spy for some intel from terrorists or other bandits out there, but the UN? That has nothing to do with terrorist and child porn freaks anymore.

Some tips to be safe on the internet

So I decided to bring some free tips to my readers how to be safe on the internet. Those are just small tips, because eventually the world will change again and new rules will come out for encryption, VPN services and more of those which are a pain in the ass for governments. But until now those are still rights we all have which we should use instantly when we are online and even offline. Even your cellphone is a live tracker when you think you are not online. People should know how traceable we are in these days. But also that they should know how to become untraceable, because it is a right you have to enjoy your privacy. BadAss.Sx will write about the options we have to become untraceable on the internet, but also outside the internet. So lets cut the crap…let’s start to add some tips.

Google Chrome, your big brother

When surfing the internet the only browser I trust at this moment is Firefox. There are people out there who instantly swear that Google’s Chrome is the best browser out there. Well, they are NOT! Chrome is a browser from Google. And Google is NSA’s best friend atm. They even paid Google several millions and they are talking about billions right now for changing their code so that everything can and will be logged in such a way that everyone gets their own profile linked with their Gmail, Google+, search inputs and looked outputs. They are on your cellphone humbling using your GPS-A in combination with Wifi spots in your neighborhood for your location. And with their new policies where they claim to have the right to log you IMEI, contacts, phone calls and the length of it, you can only say one thing about Google. They are fucking evil! And they DO share their information about you with the NSA…period! All their products, especially their Google Glass, are made for one thing. Building up their hunger for personal information. There is not a single product which is solely made for the benefit of the user. None of them!! Yes, they bring it as a service for the customer, of course…but just for one thing. Knowing stuff about you! If you want to have a normal life, you MUST stop using products of Google.

So start using Firefox. Firefox is a very good browser with some very good features for starting to secure your digital life. But there are some things needs to be done, before you are really protected against other vulnerabilities from websites. Let me point them out down under. They are add-ons and can be freely downloaded from the add-ons sections of Firefox.

Startpage.comΒ – stop using Google search for instance. The first thing you need to do when you have installed Firefox is deleting all pre installed search engines. At the right top you will find a searchbar which most of the time has been set to Google search engine. Let’s destroy that part. But first let me tell you a little bit more about gives you (almost) the same results as Google but without the violation of your privacy. And that is all I have to say about it. Enjoy the good outcome from Google’s search engine without the sneaky backlogs of Google. How nice is that? So start surfing to and click the install button next to HTTPS. This will install Startpage into your default searchengines. Now change your default search engine into Startpage. You are free from the tentacles of Google. En they will hate you for it πŸ˜‰

Betterprivacy – yes, a tool which protects you against Supercookies (Local Shared Objects, LSO) which are most of the time placed by flash objects. You will be surprised how many of these will be sitting there after a half an hour of surfing. It is a simple add-on which does his job instantly after browser startup or closing down. Just grab the add-on from the add-on section in Firefox.

Ghostery – Ghosteryβ„’ sees the invisible web – tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity. With Ghostery you will learn how most companies uses your information just to build up a profile. With Ghostery you can lock scripts from companies that you don’t trust, delete local shared objects, and even block images and iframes. Ghostery puts your web privacy back in your hands. A must have into your Firefox browser

NoScript – With NoScript you decide which Javascript, Java or any other script runs into your browser. Accept which domain you trust and block any other of them. Run it when you are on Facebook and you will be amazed what Facebook is dumping trough your browser. With NoScript it is possible that some websites are not accessible anymore, but trust me, those are the websites you should avoid.

Disconnect – Disconnect lets you visualize and block the invisible websites that track you. It makes your browsing experience even faster, safer and more secure.

At the beginning it will be difficult to follow all those blocks and warnings in Firefox, but after a few days you get a complete picture how companies are devoted to sneak your personal info just for their own profit. And eventually pass trough all your info when governments are asking for it. For instance your search words in Google. The police uses your search words when you are a suspect. Even when you have nothing to do with it, it is possible they see a connecting with their case against you in some of those search words. What are you gonna do then? Simply crying that you have nothing to do with it won’t work anymore. Because they see a connection and most of the time they ask you to proof otherwise. If you use above tips and browser, you are more secure on the internet. So, stop using Google….start protecting yourself. Use Firefox!