BadAss.Sx Anonymous Electrum node

After I have read the news about possible Electrum nodes which are made by the authorities (sorry, can’t find the article anymore, but it should be a closed case), just to log transfers and the information behind it (perhaps something to do with Electrum and Woocommerce?), I decided to create an anonymous Electrum node.

The idea behind it is to give people some certainty about their transaction over the BTC blockchain. Did you know that Electrum nodes could log all your personal info? Like your IP, which addresses the Bitcoins are coming from and perhaps even more if authorities puts a coder on it. So, I created an Electrum node where all Electrum logs are dumped to /dev/null. Gone, vanished….bye bye.

So, point your Electrum wallet to (SSL) and know that you are safe. In the mean time I hope the Electrum devs can build in some nasty features.

Also, be sure you are always online trough our BadAss.Sx VPN service. Anonymity assured while you are the boss over your own log files.