BadAss Security Services


Are you looking for anonymous domain registration, anonymous bulletproof hosting, bulletproof VPS, BadAss VPN (with access to your own server logs) accounts and more? Do you need some space to shout out your opinion? Well, you came to the right place. BadAss Security Services is your one stop privacy guru. Your privacy is my problem.

The BadAdd.Sx VPN BETA phase is over. If you want a rooted VPN server, please go over to and file in your order.

Please pay attention to my following service Safe-Mail. As of 1 January 2016 we have totally revamped the Safe-Mail service. As of now you can freely send encrypted messages to everyone. This is a free service, so if you need a new email address where snooping around is out of the question you can register one at my service

Before I go any further in explaining what BadAss.Sx has to offer, I want to be sure about one thing.

My skills and experiences are based on high quality and absolute customer privacy. The less I know from my customers, the better I work. And the less customers know about me, the harder I work.

BadAss.Sx is the first PriSec administrator for the underground internet and is a high professional in troubleshooting, designing and completing difficult network arranged manners. I deliver what I promise, as long as my customers pay me in front in Bitcoin. No payment is no fulfillment of your order.

BadAss.Sx is not a fancy website full of banners and ads. BadAss.Sx is here for only one thing and that is to give others the opportunity to be anonymous on the internet.

What does BadAss.Sx has to offer:

Please, read my blog for instant update of my work in progress here. I am always busy upgrading my services and website. If you think you have something to say, please contact me at my contact page. Please understand that I do not need to know something about you. I prefer absolute anonymity in the conversations with my clients. Please contact me if you have any special request.

Every single penny will be used for more development on the security and privacy of my (future) clients.